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Knitting in chair

Lg square white card 20cm x 20cm with embossed dots. Shows knitting theme but can also do a cooking theme. Hair colour can be changed to suit.

Price  £ 2.95
Dolls House

A5 size 3D Dolls House card with opening door and window so can be personalised inside with items. The attic roof also lifts up for a greeting or picture. This is a sample and can be made to order with two weeks notice. Postage will be based on an A4 packet as the house will be boxed.

Price  £ 7.50
Veggie Patch Pop Up

A6 size card with the same picture as a 'pop up' inside the card.

Price  £ 2.50
Football and a pint

A5 size deep card with football stadium and rhyme 'I know a fanatical footy fan and you might know him too. He eats, sleeps and breathes football, yes I'm talking about you. And on this special occasion, I send this card to say may you always play a blinder and have a man of the match birthday'. Footballer is on Acetate over front of card and when open you can see the back of him. Rhyme can be left off or replaced with other greeting

Price  £ 3.25
Communications stretch card

A5 size 'stretch card' - pulls forward like a consentina but is flat for the envelope. Features different types of communication and gadgets old and new. This style also available with skittles, knights in armour, guitars, sports, DIY, barbecue, cars, casino and game box.

Price  £ 3.50
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