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On this page I have put a few suggested verses that you may like to have inside your card.  Your own verse can also be added on request.

1. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Another year gone but I'm still younger than you

2. May your day be filled with fun, And your wishes all come true

3. Sending Special wishes, Now your Birthday's here, And hoping that the Year ahead holds many Special things

4. Love and best wishes on this very special occasions

5. A heartfelt wish is sent your way, On this your very special day

6. Happy moments to remember, On your birthday for you, Lots of nice happenings, All the day through, For no-one could be nicer, To wish much happiness for, You certainly deserve to have, Good things by the score

7. As the years pass by, At an alarming pace, who's idea of a joke, Was the human race

8. You never come to mind, Without a smile and loving thought, Thats why your're wished, More pleasure than a birthday ever brought

9. On this your special day, I want to take the time to say, How very much you mean to me, And send good wished lovingly

10. Marriage is a golden chain, The links are friends so dear, And like a rare and precious jewel, It's treasured more and more each year

11. As you celebrate these thirty years, And all they've given you, May memories come flooding back, And all be joyful to

12. We're sending you this special card, Because we want to say, That we are thinking of you, In a very special way

13. No words can ever tell you, How much you mean to me, For you unlocked my heart, And forever hold the key

14. It seems unbelievable. This special day is here, So many happy memories shared, Through every golden year

15. Today is a day you will always remember, The greatest day in anyones life, You'll start the day just two people in love, And end as Husband and Wife

16. May the love, laughter andjoy, You bring into other peoples lives, Be returned to you ten fold, On this special day, And in the years to come

17. To a very dear friend on your special day

18. If friends were flowers, I'd pick you

19. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm so glad, That I found you

20. You need to talk - I'm there for you, A faithful friend, who's always true, We live our lives, not always together, But the love we share will last forever

21. There are lots of good friends, There are plenty of old friends, But there are not many Good, old friends

22. Some people make the world special just by being in it

23. May sunshine fill your life, Every day in every room of your new home

24. Special thoughts are with you, Lots more than you know, And if thoughts alone, Could bring good health, Our wishes would make you well, Get well very soon

25. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time

26. May rainbows mellow every sadness, And sunshine herald nought but gladness

27. My thoughts are with you and your family

28. I missed it what can I say, I hope you had a wonderful day, With lots of fun, presents and cake, I'll remember next year make no mistake


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